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Welcome to Keltori
Originally founded back on Alonsus, Keltori has recently moved to a new home on Draenor and is looking to become a high-end 10 Man raiding Guild come the release of Mists of Pandaria.

Our main aim is to firstly enjoy the game. A lot of the fun can be sucked out of the game in an intense and serious environment. This will not be the case in Keltori. Even though we expect to clear through content at an above average rate and expect raiders to play at the highest possible standard they can, we will try our best to insure that every raider is comfortable in the guild and that they are enjoying their experience here.

Raiding days in keltori are the following:
Monday: 8pm -12pm (server time)
Tuesday: 8pm -12pm (server time)
Wednesday: 8pm -12pm (server time)
Thursday: 8pm -12pm (server time)

All four days however are not mandatory and we will cut back a day or so if needed in the future. Weekends will be Rated battle grounds for those intrested in that.

Everyone is welcome in Keltori. Socials, Alts, Friends and Raiders are all welcome to apply. In the case of raiders we will look more extensively at your application to see if you have what it takes to conquer Mists with the rest of us.
Léó / Oct 17, 2012
Will of The Emperor

As the title says we've finally cleared MSV. We also cleared the whole raid on our first night:D which mean a week off guys. Level your alts, study your tacts, do Whatever you like in the free time but be ready for HC's next Wed.

Also a big thank you to Ihasbucket who helped us tonight and recoreded logs for us as bailey was away.

Enjoy your week guys and ill see you around in game