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Right, seeing as how we are starting heroics this week, im gona put up a sort of check list which all raiders must make sure they follow.


An item level of 473 or higher is needed to make it into the raids. We cant afford to be carrying people in blues and greens because they were not able to gear up.
Most people have opened up the new factions, so take advantage of them and buy the better gear.

All gear Must be enchanted and gemed with Rare quality gems, the guild bank has quite a few gems already, and also if you ask me nicely i can cut you some if i have the mats.

I will be doing a gear check tuesday night for all raiders to double check everything is in place

Food, Potions and Flasks

As per usual, flasks and potions need to be brought to all fights. Make sure to have enough and some spare just incase we go over time.

In regards to food buffs, we will still be using Banquets for learning the fights. Once the officers and raid leader feel that the boss is a sure kill we ask that you switch to the 300 stats buff food. This means farming the mats for the foods or buying them off the AH.


Its called heroics for a reason. We may wipe all night learning the fight and it may get very frustrating but thats just part of raiding. Bring a pot of coffee or an energy drink or whatever you use to keep concentration and be ready for a long but rewarding few nights of raiding.
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