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#6884601 Oct 23, 2012 at 04:13 PM
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Turoq Posted 3 minutes ago
Personal Information

Name: Daniel Ray
Age: 18
Location: Israel
Tell us about yourself: my names daniel, im from America originally but since family is supposed to be important or something i was forced to move to this crap hole a while back, i always loved gaming but i knew to stay away from that one game they call WoW knowing it would most probably take over my life.... though about 2 years ago due to life's great surprises, i have been given the chance to throw myself into it, not caring about the consequences, and now i find myself sitting on WoW all day long and i cant really say i regret it [Smile]

Character Information

Character name: Turoq
Class: druid
Main Spec/Off Spec: Resto/still in the making (open for suggestions)
Link to armory:
How long have you been playing your character/spec:
I love healing, played almost all of them and i decided to go druid sometime around DS i think, since then its been my main and i enjoy it most.
so far its been 20 days and 7 hours

List the addons you use to improve your raid efficiency:
Vuhdo, Hotcandy , dbm , Razernaga , Gtfo , Omni cc , Recount

Include a screenshot of your interface (If you can):
never used photobucket or one of those things so im gonna skip this for now but if one of you wanna help me with it il be happy to show you

If possible include a link to a log of a recent raid (ie WoL):
i dont think my guild has been using it lately so i dont think there are any to show

World of Warcraft Information

What was your previous Guild: Requiem
Reason for leaving that Guild: they recently decided to start changing things around and im really unhappy with all the changes

References we can contact: anyone from requiem
Why do you want to join Keltori: seems like what im looking for pretty much, i just hope its the other way around as well [Smile]

Do you know anyone already in Keltori: not really
Can you commit to at least 2/3 of the following Raids times per week

Do you have Ventrilo: yes
Are you able to use your mic/headphones (headphones preferred): not always
Are you able to obtain the required consumables by yourself?: flasks, potions, buff food if no feasts

Please describe your end-game raiding experience in detail, including instances gone to, last bosses killed, which character and guild that you went with (When listing Pre-WOTLK PvE xp keep it to the levels it was intended for. If you did BWL at 60, you add BWL, if you did it at lvl 80/85 etc, exclude it. Patch or lvl listing isn't a bad thing):
the part about me that always makes people go ohhhhh is my raiding experience which unfortunately is horrible compared to all you vanilla players since i have only started playing 1-2 years ago with breaks in the middle.
im pretty sure by the time i started raiding for the first time FL was already nerfed but im not sure, i cleared it on normal and never got a chance to go for heroics, when DS came out i cleared normal and 1/8 hc in the first 2 weeks i think, which is where i lost interest in WoW for a bit cause i had other things going on in life, then by the time i came back progression was long past done,
my experience isnt great, but i have all the time in the world to improve on whatever i have to to make up for it.

WoW related websites you visit (how often, for what info, etc.):
noxxic is my favourite, i use it for all info on classes, specs, reforging, gemming, enchanting, occasionally i visit elitist jerks for some random browsing, and i use mr robot when i need to reforge something and im in question about how i should do it
#6884675 Oct 23, 2012 at 04:27 PM
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Thank you for applying Daniel.

Your application seems ok and your gear seems decent enough for our start of heroic progression. But you have to upgrade your leg enchant though, it's only 800-900G on the AH.

Main tank/Raidleader
#6885076 Oct 23, 2012 at 05:50 PM
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Hey daniel

As levi has mentioned all looks good and you're gear seems fit to start off with in heroics so we are happy to give you a trail spot in Keltori.

/w me or majou for an invite :D


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