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#6884930 Oct 23, 2012 at 05:21 PM
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Tell us about yourself:
most of my time am working and rest of my time am putting in to wow
so yeah not much to say
Character Information

Character name:Døc
Main Spec/Off Spec:fire/fire
Link to armory:øc/simple
How long have you been playing your character/spec:
since begin of cata

List the addons you use to improve your raid efficiency:
am use roth ui
Include a screenshot of your interface (If you can):

If possible include a link to a log of a recent raid (ie WoL): of Warcraft Information

What was your previous Guild:
a did tier 11 with Nerf me a good guild but the guild was failing apart
for fl hc progress a joined Dagon roots on server bloodscalp we had pretty strong progress group but at the end of fl the raid leader stopped play and some raid just left the guild for ds we had new rl and half team of new players we did killed ds normal in 2 weeks but at the hc mode some didt had the class control too the max dps / healing
a did take break from wow wen a came back the guild killed morchok,yori and ultra hc a rejoined the team and we killed 6/8hc and farmed it for abit but spine was too hard to heal for or heals at the end 8 raiders left and realm changed to azuremyst and joined is afk to try clear ds hc for mist
so atm am 4/6 mgv

Reason for leaving that Guild:
too slow on tacts ,too much break time and only 2 days of raiding in a week
Why do you want to join Keltori:
am looking for friendly guild with good raiding team that always wants give there best
Do you know anyone already in Keltori:
Can you commit to at least 2/3 of the following Raids times per week

Do you have Ventrilo:yes
Are you able to use your mic/headphones (headphones preferred):yes
Are you able to obtain the required consumables by yourself?: yes

Please describe your end-game raiding experience in detail, including instances gone to, last bosses killed, which character and guild that you went with (When listing Pre-WOTLK PvE xp keep it to the levels it was intended for. If you did BWL at 60, you add BWL, if you did it at lvl 80/85 etc, exclude it. Patch or lvl listing isn't a bad thing):
did 12/12 tier11 normal with no nerf, 6/7hc fl and did alot progress on raggy,8/8hc ds

WoW related websites you visit (how often, for what info, etc.):
#6885189 Oct 23, 2012 at 06:09 PM
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Hello there kris

Cheers for applying. Application is alright. Gear seems good. I dunno if you are aware but we have one mage already on the main team. If accepted you will go on a two week trial which means on progression nights you may have to sit out for our other mage. But if you pass you're trial, i will do everything i can to see you both get a fair raiding spot and put you's both in as much as i can.

Is that ok with you?


#6885232 Oct 23, 2012 at 06:17 PM
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hey leo

cheers for reply on my app
y am up for that
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