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#6906554 Oct 28, 2012 at 04:09 PM
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Personal Information

Tell us about yourself: I am friendly towards people, i can work well in a team and also lead a team if needed. I can follow instructions well. I can use my own initiative.

Character Information

Character name: Wrathhammer
Main Spec/Off Spec: Holy MS/ Ret OS
Link to armory:
How long have you been playing your character/spec:
2 months Holy spec. I've played paladin 3 years

List the addons you use to improve your raid efficiency:
Healbot, Decursive and recount.
Include a screenshot of your interface (If you can):

If possible include a link to a log of a recent raid (ie WoL):

World of Warcraft Information

What was your previous Guild:Splintered Souls from ghostlands EU
Reason for leaving that Guild: I'm still in it atm.
References we can contact:Swifter from Keltori was in Splintered souls. we used to raid together.
Why do you want to join Keltori: Swifter told me that you need healers and i would like to raid with you guys :)

Do you know anyone already in Keltori: Swifter
Can you commit to at least 2/3 of the following Raids times per week

Do you have Ventrilo: yes
Are you able to use your mic/headphones (headphones preferred):yes
Are you able to obtain the required consumables by yourself?: yes

Please describe your end-game raiding experience in detail, including instances gone to, last bosses killed, which character and guild that you went with (When listing Pre-WOTLK PvE xp keep it to the levels it was intended for. If you did BWL at 60, you add BWL, if you did it at lvl 80/85 etc, exclude it. Patch or lvl listing isn't a bad thing): I only started raiding in Cataclysm, i completed BWD, BOT, FL and DSnorm + HC as a frost DK and occasionally my holy priest. I had full attendance for all raid nights and i always looked into the tactics of bosses etc to find out what i needed to do on specific bosses so that i wasn't keeping the raid behind by asking tactics all the time. I'm always prepared with Full enchants, reforge, gems, flasks, food and pots to do as much healing/ damage as possible.

WoW related websites you visit (how often, for what info, etc.): Wow heroes to check progress of the guild. Noxxic if i need help with my character. Curse for addons.

"I have no time for games."
#6906557 Oct 28, 2012 at 04:10 PM
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Moved here as it was made as a comment to an application.
"I have no time for games."
#6907688 Oct 28, 2012 at 09:15 PM
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#6906557 Majou wrote:

Moved here as it was made as a comment to an application.

thanks majou <3
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