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[Pinned] Guild Rules

[Pinned] Guild Rules

*please make sure you read and adhere to the rules of the guild*Keltori Rules Respect Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Be vocal about your ideas about strategy and tactics on progression fights during down time, but always resp...
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[Pinned] Guild Application Template

/!\Important/!\_________________________/!\Important/!\Please copy and paste this template into a new thread in this forum and fill out all questions. Answer these questions truthfully and as accurately as possible./!\Important/!\_________________...
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Wrathhammer - Holy paladin

Personal InformationName:AdamAge:19Location:IrelandTell us about yourself: I am friendly towards people, i can work well in a team and also lead a team if needed. I can follow instructions well. I can use my own initiative. Character InformationCh...
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doc fire mage

Name:krisAge:22Location:belguimTell us about yourself:most of my time am working and rest of my time am putting in to wow so yeah not much to sayCharacter InformationCharacter name:DøcClass:mageMain Spec/Off Spec:fire/fire Link to armory:http://eu...
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Turoq resto druid

Turoq Posted 3 minutes agoPersonal InformationName: Daniel RayAge: 18Location: IsraelTell us about yourself: my names daniel, im from America originally but since family is supposed to be important or something i was forced to move to this crap h...
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Iceofdeath Mage DPS

Personal InformationName: AndreasAge: 18Location: DenmarkTell us about yourself: I'm an 18 year old boy, on my 3rd year of highschool currently studying math. I still live with my parents. Other than that I guess there's really not much to say oth...
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Nitrocircus (Nofate)

Applicant Posted 1 minute agoName: NielsAge: 23 Location: BelgiumTell us about yourself: Hey guy, i'm niels 23 years old and i live in belgiumI work as a telescopic craneworker, and when i have free time i play wow i have a girl called Laura and s...
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Ihasbucket nuff said.

Personal informationReal name: Mihail MishevskiAge: 19Location: MacedoniaTell us a bit about yourself (eg. what do you do for a living etc): Well, I'm a teenager still, I live in Skopje - Macedonia as stated before. I just finished High school goi...
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Gamblit - Restoration Shaman

Personal InformationName: Florens RoggemanAge: 19yoLocation: Opwijk, BelgiumTell us about yourself: Well i'm a 19 year old guy who lives in a small village in Belgium. I study Multimedia and Communication technology. Beside wow i spent most of my ...
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Mage application

/!\Important/!\_________________________/!\Important/!\Please copy and paste this template into a new thread in this forum and fill out all questions. Answer these questions truthfully and as accurately as possible./!\Important/!\_________________...
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Resto Druid

Personal InformationName:kristian juhl nielsenAge:16Location:denmarkTell us about yourself:im a 16 year old teen from denmark who absolutely love raiding and really want to take it to a hardcore levelCharacter InformationCharacter name:Dragenslacs...
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Blood Dk App

Personal InformationName: SachaAge: 18Location: englandTell us about yourself: Hi I am Sacha im 18 I work full time play way too much wow and love tattoos.Character Information Character name: GaelisClass: DeathknightMain Spec/Off Spec: 404 blood ...
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Resto Shaman

Name: ConnorAge: 18Location: EnglandTell us about yourself: Hi there, im Connor, 18 years old and currently unemployed, so lot's of WoW time :)Character InformationCharacter name: RæøææøææøææøClass: ShamanMain Spec/Off Spec: Resto / RestoLink to a...
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Blood Deathknight :)

Personal InformationName:ZacAge:20Location:EnglandTell us about yourself: Hi i'm zac work monday to friday home normally around 18:30 Realm time , also have a 2 month old son :)Character InformationCharacter name:RúnicClass:DeathknightMain Spec/Of...
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Prot/Fury Warrior 399 ilvl

Personal InformationName: Paddy ArnottAge: 20Location: Weymouth, EnglandTell us about yourself: I love music, sport, women, drink and WoW!!!! I am hopefully going to be doing an apprenticeship soon!Character InformationCharacter name: DecruxClass:...
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Application - Resto shaman - Mightilyoom

Personal InformationName: Ramon AartsAge: 24Location: The NetherlandsTell us about yourself: Hello my name is Ramon Aarts and im from The Netherlands. At the moment im searching my ass off to find a new job , so now Ive got alot of spare time to p...
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Surv Hunter ilvl 404

Name:Andre MulderAge:27Location:Hardenberg(The Netherlands)Tell us about yourself:I am a chef! Workin a lot in the summers and not in the winter(from sept that is) got a lot time tne for playin Wow.Other thing i like is ofc my GF :D and playin som...
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