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Léó / Oct 17, 2012
Will of The Emperor

As the title says we've finally cleared MSV. We also cleared the whole raid on our first night:D which mean a week off guys. Level your alts, study your tacts, do Whatever you like in the free time but be ready for HC's next Wed.

Also a big thank you to Ihasbucket who helped us tonight and recoreded logs for us as bailey was away.

Enjoy your week guys and ill see you around in game

Léó / Oct 05, 2012
Gara'jal the Spiritbinder

The Spirit Kings

Straight into todays raid with a different raid setup and the spiritbinder was down within 3 trys. 5 tries into the spirit kings and they also went down. Not really that much to say but Awesome job guys. Everyone knew their tactics which meant less time talking more time killing which is what we wana keep up.

Enjoy your weekend and come back fresh and prepaired for Monday when we take on Elegon again
Léó / Oct 04, 2012
The Stone Guards

Feng the Accursed

Awesome first night of raiding guys. We went in had a couple of attempts on each boss and before long they both went down easily. Well played by Everyone and special thanks to people who droped the food tables for us.

We continue onward tonight with The Spiritbinder and when we kill him move onto the spirit kings. So get some good rest, go over tacts and get nicley prepared for some boss kills tonight, Keltori Style :D
Léó / Sep 12, 2012

As we edge closer and closer towards release day, I thought it would be nice to give everyone a nice update on what to expect come the 25'th.

First and foremost, make sure you have purchased your copy of Mist's. You dont wana get left behind in the rush to level up with the rest of us :D

Secondly, there will be no raids released for the first week of the new expantion so there is not much of a rush to level to 90 Asap. Enjoy the new content and level up at your own pace(unless your going for server first in which case level like you've never leveled before :P).

Thirdly, there Will be a raid on the first night that raid encounters are available. Obviously if you have not reached level 90 by then you will have to sit out, But for those of you that have we expect you to at least have some of the heroic dungeon gear equiped to make raiding that much easier. Obviosuly enchants and gems are not a 100% prio but anything you can afford or obtain is always a plus.

As you are all aware we do want to be competitive raiders and a top guild and this can only be achieved through you guys. We have a whole bunch of new people who have joined and a bunch of old people here in Keltori but come Mist's I want everyone to start over fresh. Get to know all your fellow raiders, learn their playstyles, become comfortable in our raiding environment and lastly just have FUN! Our appropriate motto is Guild before self and before others.

Any problems or queries you have, Please /w me, Littlebailey or Majou in game and we will try and sort you out. Dont be afraid to do so, we love getting whispers(makes us feel special :D).